Couples Therapy

Finding a partner who understands, respects and loves us for who we are is a wonderful feeling.

Learn how to cultivate and maintain a meaningful romantic relationship and heal hurts when life gets hard through couples therapy. 

Cultivate compassion, respect and love for one another.

Congratulations on moving towards a healthier, more connected relationship.

Getting married, new jobs, financial strain, new babies, infertility, infidelity, empty nesting – all of these can put a strain on a relationship and if you don’t have a foundation of respect or feel a deep connection with your partner, things can get hard fast.

I am passionate about helping couples learn how to get through these moments to build understanding and connection with their partner.       

Whether you’ve been with your partner a few months or decades, therapy for couples can help re-form or reinforce the emotional bond that facilitates greater connection, which is necessary to get through difficult times and give resiliency to relationships long term.

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