Immigration Evaluations

Research shows that immigrants who obtain a forensic evaluation and work with a lawyer are significantly more likely (almost twice as likely in asylum cases) to be granted visas compared with the national average.

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After years of navigating the immigration system with my husband, I am proud to dedicate a part of my practice to assisting those who need it with an effective, professional and timely evaluation.

An effective, professional and unbiased evaluation can make a significant difference in the outcomes of an immigration case. I am proud to be able to offer effective and detailed assessments with the worldview of a seasoned traveler, the care of a therapist and the knowledge gleaned from my own personal experience of the immigration system. Through my clinical work I am experienced in conducting assessments and am able to identify the factors that can make a difference to your or your client’s case.

 I offer evaluations for the following types of cases: 

 I speak Italian and English, but also work with interpreters of other languages for an additional fee.

If you have not yet engaged a lawyer, please follow this link to connect with one in order to ensure your exact needs are being met: Free and low cost legal aid is available throughout the United States. If you are having trouble locating services, please reach out to me and I will try to assist as best I can based on your location.

I offer video appointments for clients in California and Florida. 

Expedited service is also available. Please contact me for fee and payment information. 

I look forward to working with you.  

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